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The Gangline Safety Rating Tags

Each Gangline System is serialized and dated on durable waterproof tags.
Gangline Yellow Rating Tag for 2
Gangline Rating Tag for 3

Safety Tagging

The Gangline™ is identified to material lots and manufacturers for full trace-ability.

The Gangline receives annual re-certification and refurbishment by Trinity Sling.

Safety Training

Trinity Sling offers On-Site Qualified Installer Training and Certification, including:

  • Proper Use
  • Tags
  • Inspection
  • Anchor Points
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Leak Repair
  • Annual Inspection

Safety Inspection

Rope Inspection and Retirement Chart

The Gangline Modulus Synthetic Fibre

The system is made from a high modulus synthetic fibre with excellent chemical resistance and UV protection.

Fiber Strength retention after chemical immersion
Strength retention after 6-month immersion

AGENT                                                                            HMPE
Sea Water 100%
Hydraulic Fluid 100%
Kerosene 100%
Gasoline 100%
Glacial Acetic Acid 100%
1M Hydrochloric Acid 100%
5M Sodium Hydroxide 100%
Ammonium Hydroxide (29%) 100%
Hypophosphite Solution (5%) 100%
Perchloroethylene 100%
10% Detergent Solution 100%
Bleach 91%

Operating Temperature Range -65 C to +65 C

Chemically Inert

Test & Engineer Reports and Certificates available upon request.