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The Gangline Difference

The Gangline System offers end to end restraint of flowlines for all lengths of pipe sections as well as swivels and joints.
Gangline leap-frog diagram
Gangline upstream and downstreamn achoring system

Gangline™ Configuration

Gangline restraints are installed in a leap-frog configuration. Each pipe section is secured by both the upstream and downstream sections of the pipeline in the event of a failure.

Our professionally engineered design uses the highest quality materials to create the most durable, lightweight and easy-to-use temporary pipe restraint on the market.

Gangline™ Anchoring

The Gangline layout creates a choke on either side of a rupture reducing in-line flowline movement as well as lateral (Whip) movement. The Gangline System offers end to end restraint of flowlines for all lengths of pipe sections as well as swivels and joints.

The Gangline System disassembles mid-flowline allowing quick flowline refits and leak repairs

The Gangline System Sizing

The Gangline System is available in two rating sizes: RD & HD

The Gangline™ System is available in two rating sizes: RD & HD. It is certified for a maximum pressure pumping rating of 15,0000 PSI for 2” & 3” and 10,0000 PSI for 4” 1502 iron. Each system is flexible and easily adaptable to a variety of flow-line configurations and site conditions.


See sizing chart to identify which Gangline model to use. The Gangline System rating applicable to gas and liquid in energized and non-energized operations. Larger Gangline Systems are available for pressure pumping jobs above 15,000 PSI upon request.

Nominal Iron Size Gangline Model RD™ Gangline Model HD™
2” 15,000 PSI
3” 15,000 PSI
4” 10,000 PSI
System Length Weight of Restraint
HD-Long 14’ 6” 5.0lbs
HD-Short 7’ 3.8lbs
RD-Long 13’ 1.22lbs
RD-Short 6’ 10” 0.83lbs

Trinity Sling - Whip Lash™

Pipe connection restraint for oilfield or hydraulic fracturing pads

Trinity Sling created the Whip-Lash for use in restraining a pipe connection on the oilfield or hydraulic fracturing pad. The Whip-Lash was designed for tough, high-stakes situations when restraints must hold and function repeatedly in difficult conditions.

Trinity’s Whip-Lash is fast and easy to assemble.

Whip-Lash rigs up and rigs down on the pipe connection quickly and easily for busy equipment operators, making last-minute changes no problem to handle. It is composed of a synthetic material that won’t rust, and because it is lightweight and non-metallic it will not damage the flow line. It adjusts easily to changing conditions, so it may be removed and re-installed at a moment’s notice.

The Whip-Lash uses a half-hitch adjustable installation to contain pressurized pipe, hose, or components in the event of a catastrophic failure of the flow iron connection. It is designed to mitigate damage from “whipping” of pressurized flow lines and components due to connection failure. Trinity Sling constructed the restraint out of proprietary fibers to use in pressurized flow-line operations for a hose-to-hose or hose-to-iron wing-style application. Whip-Lash™ is manufactured for hose or iron with inside diameters from 1” to 6” based on operating pressures stated on its tag, which accompanies each restraint.

The Trinity Whip-Lash is attractive to many operators because it satisfies the requirements for restraining hose connections established by both OSHA and WorkSafe BC, workplace safety organizations that protect employees across the United States and British Columbia, Canada from unnecessary hazards they might encounter during the workday.

Product Training

Product Training

Gangline product training takes place at the location of your choice. Our Gangline-certified training team provides comprehensive, fee-based installer training consisting of both classroom instruction and hands-on training (rig-up) of actual Gangline installation on the iron. Training sessions are specific to the area of operation, such as flowback, coil tubing, cementing or fracing.

Installation training sessions generally take about 3 hours (including the hands-on portion), and several small groups (designed for 10-15 participants) and sessions may be addressed and completed in 1 day.

Following training, installer training certificates and wallet cards are provided for certified personnel. In addition, Gangline Train the Trainer Certification is also available based on qualifications.

Learn More

Our team of experts are here to make your experience using Gangline a success. For more information on our installation options, please visit our Install page. For information on our smooth annual re-certification service, click here.

Gangline - Safety Restraint - Manifold
Gangline - Safety Restraint - Injector Truck
Gangline - Restraint for Near-Well-Head Fittings
Gangline - Safety Restraint - Manifold
Gangline - Restraint for Near-Well-Head Fittings
Gangline - Safety Restraint - Injector Truck