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The Gangline System

Protecting People, Property and Profits
Gangline System Restraint Testing in action under 10,000 PSI

Gangline™ Innovation

Trinity Sling is proud to introduce its latest innovation in their oil field service product line – The Gangline System. Peace of mind in this business is about protecting your assets… people, property and profit. The Gangline System is a professionally engineered Pipe Restraining System designed to limit the whip range of the pipe should a catastrophic failure occur to the flow line or union connections. The Gangline System consists of only two parts; restraints and shackles. It offers a lightweight, high-strength installation solution for your peace of mind.

The Gangline System saves money with the fastest assembly and dis-assembly times.

The innovative and simple design is trainable, inspect-able and reliable.


Lightweight High Performing/Flexible


Easy/Quick assembly/Disassembly


Clear access to connection points for leak repair



Does not absorb oil or water, washable


UV protected and corrosion resistant


Easy use in sub-zero conditions


Customizable to specific job requirements


Traceable by serialization & date of manufacture


Easily stored & transported, shippable world-wide

Available to Rent or Own

The Gangline is transforming the industry as a brilliantly-engineered pipe restraining system designed to limit the whip range of the pipe, should a catastrophic failure occur to the flow line or union connections. Trinity Sling Authority invented the Gangline system and holds the patent.

We stand confident in our products and services as we expand our client base around the world. Look to the patented Gangline Pipe Restraint System to ensure that your operations are in total compliance with safety laws.

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